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Dental Technicians – Prosthetists

Dentures at Varsity is comprised of some of the most talented and experienced dental technicians in the industry. Working from our Gold Coast laboratory, our highly skilled dental prosthetists apply their knowledge and expertise to develop personalised dentures that possess the aesthetics, authentic feel and precise functionality of natural teeth.

Clinical and Technical Proficiency

As a Dentures at Varsity patient, you have the advantage of benefitting from both our clinical prowess and technical mastery, enabling us to deliver a tailor made denture solution that will leave you brimming with confidence. Our dentures alleviate any anxieties or insecurities patients may have about their prosthetic teeth.

Each of our staff members is highly trained, fully qualified and has the necessary ability to meet the highest standards of excellence that our clients demand. Innovation and technology is central to the dental industry and our laboratory utilises the very latest in dental prosthetist techniques and advances.

Customised Denture Solutions

The team at Dentures at Varsity specialises in the fabrication of premium quality dentures that provide the perfect smile for each and every patient. High quality dentures that look and feel authentic are a delicate symbiosis of science and creativity and our personnel create dental prosthetics that are meticulously aligned, correctly coloured and perfectly configured to fit the patient’s mouth with absolute precision.

Why Choose Us?

  • We understand the needs of all patients
  • We are dedicated to working in the best interests of all patients
  • We have a comprehensive grasp of industry technology and materials
  • We are highly proficient at creating dentures that look and feel authentic
  • We have a high degree of both clinical and technical ability
  • We are devoted to assisting our patients obtain a more satisfying lifestyle

Contact Us

For all matters concerning denture repairs, relines or new dentures, get in touch with our friendly dental technicians at our Gold Coast lab today.