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Gold Coast Denture Services

We provide a full range of premium quality denture services at our Gold Coast clinic. From our line of precision made dentures, to our emergency denture repairs and denture relines, which can have your teeth restored to their former pristine glory in mere hours, our meticulous attention to detail in everything we do guarantees the utmost in customer satisfaction.

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Our Full Dentures are made using three-layered, high-density, “portrait quality” denture teeth, which provide the highest natural appearance.

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Treatment Plan

Below is a brief example of what your appointment could look like, keeping in mind that every case is different and treated so accordingly.

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Denture Repairs

Despite being made of durable materials that can withstand considerable wear and tear, no matter how well you take..

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Denture Relines

To be effective, all dentures must fit strongly and securely against your gums. When dentures become loose, not only do they lose their…

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Denture Service Areas

Affordable Gold Coast Dentures & Services – We offer a full range of affordable denture services to all suburbs throughout the Gold Coast.

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Full Dentures

At Dentures at Varsity, we fully understand the impact that the loss of one’s natural teeth has on their quality of life.

For further information about our denture services, contact us today on (07) 5593 0749, or fill out the form on our contact page.

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