Immediate Dentures

Your Immediate Denture Journey

With Dentures at Varsity

So, you’re ready to transition to an immediate denture?

What is an immediate denture?

Immediate dentures are dentures that are inserted into a patient’s mouth immediately after their teeth are removed. This will allow you to immediately begin learning to eat and speak with your new teeth.


Why an immediate? The Pro’s

  • Prevents dry sockets
  • Prevents excessive bone loss
  • Quicker adjustment to the denture(s)
  • Walk away with a nice smile straight after the extractions

The process and our tailored plan for you

The First Consultation

immediate-denturesYour journey to transitioning to an immediate denture will begin with a completely tailored treatment plan with us. We will carefully examine your mouth and understand your medical history, we will also discuss what to expect with an immediate denture.

In this appointment we will also discuss and provide you with an accurate quote for your custom immediate dentures and begin making a treatment plan to perfectly suit your schedule eg: Work leave, school holidays, fly in fly out and time off.


The Dentist

We have amazing group of dentists that we have been working with for many years and have great professional relationships with.

We will ensure that you get the best possible dentist for your immediate denture journey.

Whether you need one extraction or sedation for a full dental clearance, we have you covered! The best part is that we organise all this for you.

If you chose to go ahead and begin your immediate denture journey with us, we organise everything from the first consultation with the dentist all the way up to the procedure and finally, your new dentures.


immediate-denturesWhat’s next?

After you have accepted our quote and treatment plan, we will begin primary impressions for the immediate denture process. This will allow us to pour up some models of your mouth.

From here we will register your bite and talk about what improvements we will make to the dentures to create your new smile.


The fun part

Once we have your accurate impressions taken and models poured, our prosthetist Dr. Adrian Simic will discuss aesthetical and functional improvements that he will make to your new smile.

At this stage we work with you in selecting a tooth shape, size and shade from the vast selection Dentures at Varsity have on hand. Our goal in working as a team is to design a practice, realistic and natural denture that you will be proud to wear.


The hard part

Now that we have created the treatment plan, chosen the teeth and design of the immediate dentures, we must begin creating your new denture & smile in our lab.

That’s right, we don’t send the dentures and work away, we have a state-of-the-art lab on site. The best part is that Adrian along with his technician create the perfect smile for you themselves – This gives you peace of mind that we are there every step of the way and no communication is lost whilst your new investment, your dentures are created.


The big day

After your immediate dentures have been carefully made by our team, your teeth will be extracted and the dentures placed in by the selected dentist.


Our after care for you

Here at Dentures at Varsity we pride ourselves on the best after care for all of our patients in all the services we provide. We offer a lifetime free adjustment service on all dentures created here at Dentures at Varsity to all our valued patients.

This insures you feel protected and have peace of mind that the team are here for your convenience should you require any assistance, have any concerns or need further adjustments. Our tailored after care plan with you ensures you are comfortable throughout your whole immediate denture journey and all concerns are taken care of.


So you now have immediate dentures

Day 1

After the extraction procedure and insertion of the dentures, we will see you 24hrs after for a check-up and to make some small adjustments to the denture if needed. Your gums will be slightly swollen and the dentures will feel odd in your mouth at that time. This is normal, we will aim to make you as comfortable as possible during this adjustment time with the dentures.

Day 7

Well and truly now your gums will have begun to settle with the immediate dentures and some more adjustments might be required. Majority of the swelling should have gone by now and the dentures will feel less foreign in the mouth.

Day 30/ 1 month

At this stage your gums would have shrunk considerably and the immediate dentures may no longer be fitting so tightly. At this appointment, we will reline the dentures with a comfortable soft rubber liner until complete recession has occurred in the mouth.


Day 90/ 3 months

At this stage your gums have had 3 months to settle with the immediate dentures and you have plenty of practice eating, smiling and talking with them. Your gums have now well and truly resorbed and it’s time for the reline!


The reline

denture reline is a restoration of the fitting surface between your denture and mouth tissue. It’s an effective way to improve the fit and extend the life of your dentures.

This process requires us to have your immediate dentures for the full day, usually beginning with one early morning appointment and ending with an afternoon appointment to guarantee that you have your smile back in your mouth within the day.


We always recommend a movie day in at home while you wait for this process to be completed – perfect opportunity for some R&R!


The end of your treatment

Now that you have your newly relined dentures and they’re fitting great our treatment for your new immediate dentures has come to an end. We always encourage all our patients to book in for a free check-up every year, as the mouth does change as time goes on. Not to mention it’s always a pleasure catching up with our new friendly smiles!