Partial Dentures Gold Coast

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Partial Dentures

At Dentures at Varsity, we understand the implications that even the loss of a single tooth can have for a patient’s self-confidence. We specialise in the creation of high quality partial dentures at our Gold Coast clinic that possess the same qualities as natural teeth, enabling patients to eat, speak and smile again with complete confidence, once more. The authentic look and feel of our products allay any concerns that patients may have about getting prosthetic teeth.


Why Do Teeth Need to be Replaced?

Even the loss of a single tooth can have disastrous consequences for your existing teeth and have a dramatic effect on your overall oral health. When a tooth falls out, it causes the surrounding teeth to become crooked, upsetting the alignment of your upper and lower teeth. This can create difficulties when chewing, aggravating nearby muscles and causing pain in the temporomandibular joint.

The Benefits of Partial Dentures

Our range of premium quality partial dentures offer the following benefits:

  • Thwart additional damage to existing teeth
  • Prevent existing teeth from becoming crooked
  • Revitalise your smile and improve your overall appearance
  • Correct any speech issues attributed to the loss of teeth
  • Ensure that eating food is a more satisfying experience
  • Help protect against TMJ pain.
  • An ideal solution for patients who still have natural teeth
  • Can be easily removed and replaced
  • Contain a denture base that closely resembles the colour of your gums

Dentures That Look and Feel Like Natural Teeth

All of our partial dentures are precision made and composed of the highest quality materials. Each set of dentures is meticulously arranged by hand, by our highly trained dental technicians who carefully fuse the teeth onto either a polymer base that closely replicates the colour of your existing gums or a lightweight alloy. Our prosthetic teeth emulate the look and feel of natural teeth, allowing patients to enjoy a renewed sense of self-confidence.

Our Partial Dentures

There are several options when it comes to Gold Coast partial dentures, we offer the following: cast metal, flexible & acrylic. The cast metal option and the flexible partials are our best partials.

Chrome partial dentures are stronger, less bulky and provides a great fit. This partial has a metal framework to which our on-site laboratory will attach higher-quality denture teeth. This is a great option for patient who like smaller appliances in their mouth, due to the strength these types of dentures do last a lot longer than acrylic partials.

Flexible partial dentures are made from a special material that gives you added comfort and fit. Ideal if you don’t like the feel of rigidity in your mouth and it’s a great way to have a seamless smile.

Acrylic partial dentures are more affordable, but they tend to feel more bulky. This partial has an acrylic base into which the denture teeth are set and is attached to your natural teeth with small metal clasps.

The Need to See a Prosthetist

When seeking to obtain a set of partial dentures, patients must first consult with their dentist. Your dentist will inspect your mouth to determine if there are any issues that need to be tended to, such as gum disease, tooth decay or tooth loss. Your dentist will collaborate with our dental technicians to devise a customised treatment plan for you. If it’s discovered that you do require dental treatment, our technicians will have to be certain that your existing teeth are able to support the kind of partial denture that you need.

Working with your dentist, we’ll be able to maximise the longevity of your natural teeth, using them to help strengthen and fortify your partial dentures. This close relationship guarantees the possible outcome for you. Your dentist will ensure that your teeth and gums remain in tip top condition and will advise you on how best to take care of your remaining natural teeth.

Before we create a set of partial dentures for you, the following will first be considered:

  • Dental treatment required (if any) to be performed, before partial dentures can be inserted
  • Identify any potential problems that may arise at a later date and require additional care
  • Determine if gum disease exists and how this will affect the partial dentures
  • The results of your dental x-rays
  • Your dental history
  • Which of your existing natural teeth can be used to fortify your dentures
  • The type of partial dentures that would be best suited to you (including materials)
  • How long your partial dentures will last before need to be replaced

For more information about our partial dentures, please contact our Gold Coast clinic today.

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