Implant Retained Dentures Gold Coast

implant retained dentures gold coast

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Traditionally, unsecured dentures are the most common solution for patients that have lost all their teeth. There are some disadvantages that patients experience including pain, awkwardness and inconvenience as well as difficulty pronouncing words. Most commonly patients find it difficult to chew a variety of foods.

There are many modern implant based tooth solutions in which can be offered in order to avoid the disadvantages faced with unsecured dentures. Not only do they offer an improvement on speech, comfort and chewing, they offer an overall improvement on the quality of life.

Costing of these dental implants are dependent on each individual, and can be established upon a diagnostic consultation.

Traditional removable dentures have always been first choice for people who have had dental problems however implant retained dentures are more commonly becoming first choice due to a host of benefits.

Dentures are categorised by either a partial or a full set and are generally made from a plastic or chrome base. Artificial teeth are placed on the frame and together they emulate a natural mouth. Missing teeth not only can impact the appearance of a person, they can have negative health consequences such as inability to eat and speak.

Bone structure can be compromised when teeth are missing however implant dentures can aid in retaining facial structure as the teeth are assisting in holding everything in place.

FAQ – Implant Retained Dentures

The general period it takes for beginning to end is 5-7 months. This is of course dependent on the individual and the treatment plan determined in the initial consultation based on their needs.

The implant placement is established in the first consultation where the dentist evaluates the x-rays and general condition of the mouth in order to find the area in the jawbone with a higher bone mass. This is often at the front of the mouth, and is the most preferred area due to the decreased amount of nerves that may complicate the implant placement.

The temporary denture is required unless you already have an existing denture for the missing teeth.

As discussed above there are many benefits as to why patients do prefer Implant Retained Dentures. In summary;

  • Implant dentures are more comfortable and often do not feel any different to natural teeth – they restore your mouth to its most natural state
  • Implant dentures also prevent sore spots and pressure points faced with regular removable dentures
  • Reduces bone loss that would normally be faced when no teeth are present. Assists in maintaining facial structure
  • Enhances your overall quality of life

Procedure associated with Implant Retained Dentures

dental implants robina

Initial Consultation

Prior to any work commencing, a consultation will be required to evaluate each individual case. The consultation will comprise of an evaluation of overall health of the mouth/ dental records, x-rays and impressions of your gums & teeth. The impressions are also taken for the temporary denture to be placed on after the first procedure. The aim of doing these such things will determine the placement of the implants as well as the quality and quantity of the bone. A costing will be established in this consultation that encompasses a treatment plan also.

dental implants robina

First Procedure

The first procedure involves placing the dental implants in the jawbone by making incisions in the gums where established in the initial consultation. The dental implants are drilled into the bone securely and the incision in then stitched up. The temporary denture is then put in placed in a way that causes no direct pressure on the dental implants. Often a soft denture reline is required to take the pressure off the gums.

The second procedure timing is dependent on whether the dental implants were placed on the lower jawbone (3-4 months later) or the upper (5-6 months later). During this period, Osseointegration happens whereby the bone and implants are biologically fused together.

dental implants robina

Second Procedure

Upon the second procedure, the dentist will take X-rays to establish whether the bone has become fused with the implants. If the fusion is on track, the dentist will then make a small incision in the gum to expose the top of the implant.

This allows the dentist to then place a healing cap (or collar) which will remain place for up to 14 days – on the head of each implant which will then keep the implant separate from the gum. At this point, the temporary denture can be realigned or adjusted.

14 days after this procedure, the healing caps are removed and replaced with regular abutments. A further impression can be taken at this time as the gum should be fully healed. This impression will then be the basis of creation for the permanent denture.

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Try-in and insertion

This is the final stage of the implant denture process and normally takes place 5 – 7 months after the initial consult. Once established that the dental framework fits with the metal bar placed on the abutments, the artificial teeth can be temporarily placed on the framework in wax. If the denture try-in is successful, the teeth will be permanently lodged into the framework.

The structure of the framework will be created to support the chosen implant attachment junction you have chosen – ball or bar. Another visit will be scheduled after this consult to insert the completed denture.

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