Denture Treatment Plan

denture services treatment plan

Denture Procedure Times

Below is a brief example of what your appointment could look like while availing our denture services, keeping in mind that every case is different and treated so accordingly.

Initial Consultation- 15-20 mins

  • We encourage all our patients to bring along their existing and old dentures for free assessment
  • We will then look at cost-effective ways to create a new set of dentures or repair/reline your existing ones
  • Your overall quality of life is our main concern so we will also asses how your dentures are currently prohibiting you from eating, speaking or smiling the way you would like them to
  • From here we will be able to provide you with an accurate quote and discuss payment options as well as making sure you get the most out of your health fund

Primary Impressions – 10-15 mins

  • This is the first impression that we will take in order to construct a custom tray, this will provide a more accurate impression that will improve your new dentures fit

Secondary Impressions 15-20 mins

  • Detailed secondary impressions are taken in order to provide your new set of dentures with the most accurate and reliable fit

Bite Registration and Tooth Selection – 15-20 mins

  • At this stage there is a try in of wax modelled dentures
  • This is done to insure your dentures have the correct bite and also allow us to create a nice cosmetic profile for your smile

Try In – 10-15 mins

  • At this stage a mock-up denture is made and tried in to ensure the bite was taken correctly and good aesthetics are desired
  • We will also evaluate the functional aspect of the denture as well as it’s cosmetic role
  • We always ask and suggest our patients to bring a partner or family member for their opinion also
  • It is important to be fussy with this step as it’s the last stage before the denture is completed. We want to ensure you are getting the smile that you are very happy with with our professional denture services.

Insertion of Dentures

  • Supply and fit of dentures
  • Bite/occlusion check
  • Extension of dentures checked and adjusted accordingly (if required)
  • Check Phonetics
  • Instructions on insertion and removal (if partial denture)
  • Instructions on eating for initial 72 hrs (remembering your new jaw joint position may require your muscles and tendons to catch up)

Review of Dentures – 1 Week

  • You will be provided with an appointment for the following week If any adjustments are required.
  • We will work as a team to make sure you get use to your new dentures as best as possible and create a result worth smiling about

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