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Dentures at Varsity offers the highest quality dentures on the Gold Coast.

Welcome to Dentures at Varsity. We are a Gold Coast dentures clinic just minutes away from Robina Shopping Centre. We aim to provide the highest quality of dentures and we are a leader in smile aesthetics. Our goal is to transform your smile using artistry, passion, integrity and design, ensuring that you can eat, smile, talk and function naturally.

If you are looking for a Denture clinic  on the Gold Coast call us on (07) 5593 0749 for your free consultation.

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Our clinic can easily accept the customers with insurance cards and create the history of cases for each.



All our surgeries are furnished with state if the art equipment and maintained at the highest standards.



Most of our treatments are covered by a long term guarantee which will be discussed with you before beginning treatment.



With over 10 years of dental experience and experience with implants, we are experts in all facets of dentistry.

full dentures gold coast


Enjoy beautifully sculpted prosthetic teeth that possess the shape, gloss and shine of natural teeth, with our full denture solutions.

partial dentures gold coast


Partial dentures that have the same qualities as natural teeth, allowing you to eat, speak and smile again with complete confidence.

implant retained dentures gold coast


Implant retained denture solutions provide improvements on speech, comfort and ability to chew, over traditional unsecured dentures.

immediate dentures gold coast


Your journey to transitioning to an immediate denture will begin with a completely tailored treatment plan with us.

denture repairs gold coast


First class denture repairs, with our emergency service ensuring your dentures are reconstructed and ready to be used within hours, not days.

denture relines gold coast


Ensure your dentures fit strongly and securely against your gums at all times, with our denture reline services.

How we work with you as a team

Our philosophy at Dentures at Varsity is to create your dentures with Artistry, Passion, Integrity and Design. This philosophy, coupled with an exemplary level of patient care, ensures a unique experience for all clientele and denture products of the highest quality.

Each treatment is carefully planned out with you and every step is approved along the way to ensure that you are 110% happy with the end result.

Our goal is to make you feel empowered with confidence and pride, every time you smile.

Whether it’s a Denture Reline, Denture Repair, Tooth Addition, Chrome Dentures, Partial Dentures, Full Dentures or Mouth guards, every service we provide contains a unique fragment of our passion and love, no matter how big or small the service is.

Have ideas for your next set of Dentures?

If you are looking for quality dentures Gold Coast, contact our team today.

Visit us today: 5/201 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast, Queensland 4227

Are dentures the right choice?

Missing teeth can affect the way you smile and eat to a considerable length and impact your overall quality of life. Difficulty chewing your food can lead to an upset stomach and cause discomfort and digestive issues. Whether you have missing teeth or no teeth at all dentures maybe a great option for you.

Speaking with one of our experienced dental prosthetist in our Gold Coast denture clinic can help inform you of what might be he best solution. Our guidance and experience making beautiful smiles for the Gold Coast for many years, we can aid in your decision to choosing dentures as an option for you!

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There are many different types of dentures

Partial dentures are great to fill your smile replaces the gaps in your existing smile. These range from materials such as valplast flexible material, chrome and he conventional acrylic designs. All of which we offer in our clinic.

How our dentures are made:

  1. The dentist takes the primary impressions of the patient’s mouth using an impression material contained in a stock tray (a pre-made impression tray that comes in a number of sizes, and the dentist will use the size that best fits the patient’s mouth).
  2. The impressions are given to the dental technician, who casts plaster models from the impressions. These are called the primary models.
  3. The technician will make customised impression trays for the patient using the primary models that will provide much more accurate impressions. These are called special trays and allow for a much better-quality impression to be taken by fitting the mouth closely, and providing an even support for the impression material (think of it as the difference between ‘off the peg’ and tailored clothes).
  4. The dentist will take new impressions using the special trays and send them to the dental technician.
  5. The technician will cast up the new models, and these are the working models that the dentures will be constructed on.
  6. Before the dentures can be made, registration blocks are first constructed. These are made from wax (often with a resin-base for rigidity). The blocks are made to occupy the space in the mouth where the false teeth will be and provide means of recording where the teeth will need to be placed.
  7. The registration blocks are placed into the patient’s mouth and the dentist adjusts them for height (recording where the upper and lower teeth will meet), and contour so that they mimic as closely as possible the patient’s missing teeth. The blocks are returned to the technician.
  8. The models and registration blocks are mounted onto an articulator: a device that mimics the patient’s jaw movements.
  9. The denture is waxed up, using wax to make the soft tissue areas mirror as closely as possible natural gums.
  10. The false teeth are returned to the dentist at this point for a try-in, where they are checked for fit, function and aesthetics. Any changes required are relatively simple to do as the denture is made from soft wax.
  11. The dental plates are then skilfully finished and placed in the patient’s mouth for a final fitting.

We value your opinions. Your voice needs to be heard!

We take all your ideas on board from items such as; magazine cut-outs of smiles, old photos and drawings. We always provide you with a design of your dentures before finishing them, to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final product.

dentures gold coast

Our Duty of Care

Once you are a part of the Dentures at Varsity team, it is our duty to provide you with the highest quality of care.

Even after the Denture is created, you are welcomed back for free check-ups as we understand the mouth does change from time to time. We want your new denture to be as comfortable as possible, while your eating, speaking and most importantly, smiling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dentures are reusable dental prosthetics (false teeth) that replicate ordinary teeth. Dentures are made from high quality materials such as acrylic and chrome and each material affects the physical qualities of the denture, such as hardness, flexibility, weight, comfort and durability. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to denture comfort and our specialists will ensure that you receive the ones that most satisfy you.

When carefully looked after, your dentures can last anywhere from several right up to 8 years before needing to be replaced. Throughout these years, your artificial teeth suffer from natural wear and tear and will need to be relined or restored to guarantee that they retain their comfort and functionality.

The cost of dentures depends on the style of denture (full or partial) and the materials used to create them. At Dentures at Varsity, we always aim to provide cost-effective artificial teeth products for our clients, while maintaining superior quality.

Knowing how to correctly look after your dentures will improve their longevity. Dentures must be properly brushed and washed each day with a denture cleanser to help eradicate germs and remove any stains or gunk. If your dental prostheses are becoming difficult to clean, speak to one of specialists today who can have your dentures professionally cleaned for you.

Our Happy Clients

Arnautovic. B

“I highly recommend Adrian. He is a perfectionist. I’m very happy with the result.”

Mary S

“I could not recommend ‘Dentures at Varsity’ any more highly. I arrived with a bit of a dental emergency and within a few hours had my situation completely resolved.

Carmel C

“I recently had a partial upper denture fitted by Adrian. I am so happy with the results – the denture looks so natural – so important as it is middle upper front. 

Stepthen W

I feel its given me a whole lot more confidence and I feel like they’re meant to be there. Such a great experience…..thank you!”

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