Denture Packages

Our Denture Packages

Our state-of-the-art boutique denture clinic on the Gold Coast, prides itself on Artistry, Passion, Integrity and Design. Our main goal is to provide our valued patients with the best quality dentures, denture repairs and denture relines at competitive pricing.

How we make sure to provide the best service for our Gold Coast clientele is to offer two customised denture packages. Each package is optimised for different budgets, what this allows us to give you the smile you desire within your budget.

This service makes our Gold Coast Denture Clinic unique as we have one of the largest selection of teeth and state of the art equipment.

Our Packages

Standard Custom Complete Mandibular
& Maxillary Dentures

  • High Impact Denture Acrylic
  • Single Layer Composite Teeth
  • Customised Tooth Arrangement
  • Ample Cosmetic Design
  • High Lustre Finish

Premium Cosmetic Complete Mandibular
& Maxillary Dentures

  • Ultra-high impact injected denture acrylic
  • Multi-layered composite teeth (Superb Realism)
  • Fully customised tooth arrangement with option additional characteristics
  • Complete cosmetic and functional denture to meet patients’ requirements and needs
  • Optional gingival, rugae and palatal design
  • Option inclusive gum tinting
  • Stain and scratch proof design
  • Long lasting ultra-lustre finish
  • Life-time service guarantee