Denture Relines Gold Coast

denture relines gold coast

To be effective, all dentures must fit strongly and securely against your gums. When dentures become loose, not only do they lose their functionality, they can also inflict damage upon the bone and delicate tissue of your gums. Beyond the discomfort created by ill-fitting dentures, they can also cause eating difficulties and create speech problems, and the thought of them falling out of your mouth while dining in the company of others, could also lead to heightened levels of anxiety.

There are number of reasons why dentures can become loose over time, such as weight loss, tooth removal/loss, disease or just general aging, but whatever the cause, our team of trained professionals can reline your existing dentures with meticulous precision, ensuring an accurate fit that completely restores their effectiveness. Having your dentures relined is a simple process; we simply collect an impression of your gums and mouth, remove some of the existing material, before affixing the new acrylic compound.

Full Upper denture
  • Edwards mounted the case on a Candulor articulator using the Bonwell triangle as a reference.
  • To help set up the anterior teeth, Edwards used lab putty to reproduce the facial contour and mid-line of the occlusal mounting model.
Full Upper denture
  • To help set up the posterior denture teeth, he placed the setup on the adjustable setup table.
  • Using the Candulor NFC denture teeth, Edwards set up the lower anterior and posterior denture teeth following the Gerber style of lingualized occlusion.

We offer two types of denture relines:

  • Regular – a firm acrylic base
  • Soft – the softer reline variant is ideal for elderly patients, post-operative patients, or those with highly sensitive gums, providing greater comfort than the more rigid, standard reline acrylic

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How Long Will It Take to Get My Dentures Relined ?

At Dentures at Varsity, we know how important it is to have your dentures relined as quickly as possible. Below is a list of approximate completion times for denture relines.

This is a reline that involves minor adjustments beneath single teeth. Dental impressions will need to be taken. Bookings are not required. Simply pop in to our premises and we’ll mend them for you straight away.

Full relines must be booked in advance and require between one and two hours to complete. We’ll typically aim to reline them in the morning, enabling you to reinsert your dentures before lunch time and allowing you to relax and enjoy the remainder of your day unhindered. All full relines require a dental impression.

Soft relines enhance comfort in areas where an ordinary firm acrylic denture can cause discomfort. A specialized cleaning process is needed to remove bacteria and any excess residue that has built up.

Soft relines are commonly used for:

  • Post-operative, when a patient is recovering
  • More senior patients, who possess a depleted mucous membrane or gum layer. The denture can cause pain when eating
  • Patients with an unprotected mental nerve, which causes agony when it comes in to contact with anything. In such instances, a soft reline can greatly reduce discomfort
  • Any bony protrusions such as Torus mandibularis which grow in the mandible, along the surface closest to the tongue

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