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Full Dentures

At Dentures at Varsity, we fully understand the impact that the loss of one’s natural teeth has on their quality of life. Aside from the disruption to fundamental human functions such as the ability to eat, talk, smile and laugh, the loss of one’s teeth can be damaging to their self-confidence. Our line of full dentures at our Gold Coast clinic restore your self-esteem, help to restore sagging muscle tissue that occurs in the absence of natural teeth and leaves you feeling confident in your appearance once more.

Teeth play a vital role in supporting the facial muscles surrounding the mouth, cheeks and lips. In the absence of teeth, this facial tissue tends to sag and droop. The loss of natural teeth causes the jawbone to diminish, leading the bottom half of the face to wilt and wither. Along with the shrivelling of the gums and poorly made dentures that do not provide adequate reinforcement for the lips and cheeks, the facial tissue loses its structure and volume. This loss of facial form results in the patient appearing older.

The Benefits of Full Dentures

Our highly skilled dental technicians develop denture solutions that fit each patient with absolute precision. This results in facial muscles that appear tighter once more, while any sunken features appear fuller, helping to recreate a more natural, healthier and youthful appearance.

The benefits of our full dentures include:

  • Beautifully sculpted prosthetic teeth that possess the shape, gloss and shine of natural teeth
  • Facial tissue affected by the loss of teeth, such as in and around the mouth, cheeks and lips will be revitalised; the muscles will appear tighter, while any sunken areas will appear fuller
  • Precise duplication of gum profile and colour
  • Long lasting dentures that are composed of cutting-edge materials, offer a perfect fit and provide superior comfort for the wearer
  • Full dentures have been around for decades. They are an ideal solution for patients who wish to have a full set of teeth again
  • They have a considerable lifespan, making them a cost effective investment
  • Our dentures are made from the highest quality materials and with meticulous precision by our highly skilled in-house dental prosthetist, Adrian Simic
  • Our full dentures are comfortable and have a lifelike appearance

For more information about our full dentures offered at our Gold Coast clinic, please contact us today.

No referral is needed in order to see our dental prosthetist, in fact generally we are a great first port of call

We pride ourselves on providing the most realistic, aesthetic and functional dentures on the Gold Coast. In most cases it will be very difficult for people to tell that you are wearing a denture

Generally moving from an old generic type denture to one of our premium custom dentures, no speech should be altered. However, if it’s your first time wearing a denture it is not uncommon to experience some speech changes. Within a short time and with practice all, your speech with return back to normal

In most cases getting use to a new denture depends on what changes and improvements have been made to the new one from the old prosthesis. We always suggest an adjustment period of one to two weeks before things start feeling normal again.

We understand that all our clients would love to jump straight in to that beautiful steak and chips dinner after receiving a new set of dentures. However, there is always a small break-in period for new dentures. We recommend starting slow with smaller bites until you get use to your new teeth.

The top denture stays in place with muco-compressive suction and the bottom denture can be much the same if the mandible allows. Generally, though, the bottom denture works off stability and grip more than suction, as the tongue is connected to the floor of the mouth.

We generally recommend getting a denture relined every 2.5 years and recommend replacing your dentures every 5-7 years. The mouth changes around 5-7% every year and a properly made denture has slight wear and tear every year. Therefore, it’s crucial to get a refresh to prevent any jaw related issues in your mouth.

Full dentures can definitely be repaired. Dentures repairs usually can be done within the hour if enough notice is given and can be as good as new!

Yes, any kind of denture can be adjusted, if you feel the need to get your dentures adjusted just call in and we can help you out.

Yes, full dentures can be relined, in order to booked in for a reline, we need to get you in early so that the denture can be ready for you in the same day. This process requires and impression to be taken within the mouth using your existing denture and we replace the entire base to make the denture fit perfectly.

Depending on the age of the denture, it’s either time to reline the denture or think about replacing it with a new set.

There are many different ways to clean your dentures. We always recommended soaking them overnight in a denture cleaning tablet and gently brushing them clean morning and night. This will help prevent any plaque build up and help maintain a healthy oral hygiene.

We pride ourselves at Dentures at Varsity to have the most customisable denture. We have all the techniques and materials readily available to provide you with the most realistic denture. Starting from gum tinting, rugae design to even placing fillings on certain teeth for extreme realism. The options are endless!

In most cases with a new set of denture glue is not necessary, however in some cases where there is no bone on the lower mandible, we do recommend using it for added security. However, it is always a great option to ask us about lower implant dentures.

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