False Teeth Gold Coast

Premium Quality False Teeth at Our Gold Coast Clinic

At Dentures at Varsity, we offer a comprehensive range of premium quality false teeth at our Gold Coast clinic. From our line of meticulously crafted dentures, to our emergency repairs and relines which are able to restore your dentures to their former immaculate condition in a matter of hours, our unmatched level of expertise in everything we do ensures the utmost in client satisfaction.

full dentures gold coastFull Dentures

Our full dentures are comprised of triple-layered, high-density, ‘portrait quality’ false teeth, which deliver a realistic appearance that closely replicates natural teeth. Our false teeth solutions also exhibit the premium grade durability and high level stain resistance, and we utilise a cutting-edge acrylic gum base that guarantees teeth that are strong, aesthetically appealing and long lasting. As with all of our premium dentures, a try-in preview enables clients to see their brand new smile before it is custom finished for them.

All false teeth can be manufactured within 24 hours if you book ahead.

partial dentures gold coastPartial and Chrome Dentures

We have several variants of partial dentures on offer – cast metal, flexible and acrylic. The cast metal and flexible partials represent our highest quality offerings.

Chrome Partial Denture

Chrome dentures are strong, lightweight and provide an excellent fit. Our partial dentures comprise a high quality metal framework to which our on-site lab team connects high-grade denture teeth. This is an ideal solution for patients who prefer smaller appliances in their mouth. Owing to the sheer strength of the materials, chrome partial dentures typically last a lot longer than acrylic partials.

Flexible Partial Denture

The flexible partial denture consists of a specially formulated material that provides enhanced comfort and fit. These false teeth are a perfect choice for those who don’t particularly like the rigid feel of a standard partial denture. Additionally, they offer an easy way to achieve a seamless and authentic smile.

Acrylic Partial Denture

Acrylic partial dentures are a less expensive option to the other alternatives, but patients often claim that they also feel more cumbersome than the others as well. This partial features an acrylic base into which the false teeth are set and is connected to your natural teeth with minute metal clasps.

implant retained dentures gold coastImplant Retained Dentures

At Dentures at Varsity, our Gold Coast denture clinic designs and manufactures implant dentures in the same fashion as full dentures with some slight exceptions. When requesting implant dentures, patients are referred to one of our implant specialists who will affix the implant posts to their gums. The denture teeth are then fashioned on top of the implants in such a way that allows a seamless locking action between the patient’s mouth and the denture.

This ensures that the denture sits firmly in place and does shift about anymore. Implant dentures are an ideal solution for patients who have no ridge and are tired of constantly having to apply denture adhesive each day. The most common type of implant denture is the lower implant.

This video provides a helpful insight into how implant dentures work

emergency denture repairs gold coastEmergency Relines and Repairs

Are Your False Teeth Loose or Causing Pain?

Whenever a patient’s false teeth become loose or begin to create discomfort them, it typically means that they require a denture reline. This is a fast and affordable treatment procedure that involves an impression being taken within the denture, after which the base is restored with a high quality acrylic.

Denture relines dramatically enhance the fit and feel of the dentures, ensuring that they once again lock in securely, as they’re supposed to, eliminating any unwanted movement and discomfort. The team at Dentures at Varsity is well aware that accidents do occur and that they always tend to arise at the most inopportune time, such as before a birthday celebration, a holiday, a workday or another significant occasion.

For this reason, we treat all denture reline and repair requests as if they were an emergency. All of these orders are given a high priority, with false teeth repairs completed within a matters hours and relines finished and ready to be used within the same day, keeping the inconvenience to an absolute minimum. We know how crucial it is for our customers to receive their dentures back as quickly as possible, so our team works extra to ensure that your prosthetics are returned to you in record time and in a condition reminiscent of how they were when you first purchased them.

With a quality of craftsmanship that is unequalled by our competitors, our denture relines and repairs are unnoticeable. Our vast inventory of different teeth and shades of acrylic allow us to produce a near new experience with these services.

Think your false teeth are beyond repair? Call us now and find out if we can fix them!

custom mouthguards gold coastCustom Mouth Guards

Our custom mouth guards can be fashioned in any colour you desire. They are ideal for young children who have just begun a contact sport and perfect for adults, all the same.

Our mouth guards carry a speedy 24 hour turn around and in most cases, if you have general dental cover you can be reimbursed by around 70-100%, once you have put a claim in.

Custom mouth guards are a great way to provide extra protection to your teeth and gums, but the main reason why they are important is because they won’t fall out and prevent concussions.

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