About Our Gold Coast Denture Clinic

At Dentures at Varsity, we believe that every patient deserves to have teeth that are beautiful and functional. Our Gold Coast denture clinic utilises the very latest in denture technologies and techniques, and combines them with precision craftsmanship to deliver premium quality denture products that are second to none.

Dentures are personal items and as such, we allow you to have complete control over their appearance, their colour and their size, enabling us to create a product for you that guarantees maximum satisfaction and a glorious new smile.

With access to a truly state-of-the-art facility, we pride ourselves on creating affordable, aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking dentures that improve our patients’ quality of life.

With many years of experience in the denture industry, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is unmatched by our competitors. Our high degree of technical and clinical ability has seen us develop of reputation for distinction among our peers and clients alike.

Our clinic has a warm-hearted atmosphere that caters to the needs of everyone and whether you’re a newcomer looking to obtain your very first set of dentures, or someone who is seeking to have their existing ones replaced, our friendly and compassionate staff will take all the time necessary to discuss your specific needs and circumstances and develop a personalised product that meets your exact requirements.

The end result of our premium quality materials and meticulous attention to detail is a precisely fitting denture product that allows you to eat, smile, speak and laugh with complete comfort and confidence. As qualified dental prosthetic, our aim is to create your smile to, feel and behave like natural teeth, and by choosing Dentures at Varsity, that is exactly what you will be treated to.

Our vast experience, access to advanced technology and employment of cutting-edge dental practices, ensures that we provide you with the best possible denture solution at a cost-effective price.

Contact the friendly team at Dentures at Varsity today on (07) 5593 0749, the experts in Gold Coast dentures.

Certififcates of completion

Griffith University Queensland
  • Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Technology

  • Master of Dental Technology in Prosthetics

Our Denture Services

We offer a comprehensive range of in-house denture services at our Gold Coast clinic, specialising in full dentures, partial dentures and implant retained dentures. Additionally, we also provide emergency denture repairs and relines, ensuring you receive your newly refurbished dentures in a matters of hours, not days. The ultimate convenience. To learn more about our denture services, please visit our services page.

The Highest Sanitary Standards

Creating high quality dental prosthetics means ensuring the utmost standards in hygiene. All of our utensils and dental items are sterilised in strict accordance with Australia/New Zealand standards.

Contact Dentures at Varsity

Whether you’re seeking a new pair of dentures, looking to have your existing ones repaired and refurbished or wishing to obtain a custom mouthguard for you or your child that will help guarantee maximum protection from injury, the team at Dentures at Varsity can help you. Contact the friendly team at our Gold Coast denture clinic today on (07) 5593 0749 and let us craft an affordable, premium quality dental prosthetic for you.

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