Emergency False Teeth Repairs Gold Coast

Emergency Relines and Gold Coast Repairs

Loose or sore Denture?
Most likely you need a reline, this is a simple and cost-effective treatment where an impression is taken within the denture and we re-base it with acrylic. This will drastically improve the fit and feel of your denture.

Dentures at Varsity understands that accidents do happen and that they always seem to occur right before a birthday, holiday, workday or important event. That’s why all our denture relines and repairs are treated as if they were an emergency. We place these on high priority to get repairs done within the hours and relines done for you within the same day. We understand time is important to our patients, so we make it our duty to get your denture back fighting fit and gleaming like new.

Our repairs and relines are un-noticeable. Our large supply of different teeth and shades of acrylic allow us to produce a near new experience with these services.
Think your denture is un-savable?

Call us now and find out if we can fix it!