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Emergency Denture Repairs

Despite being made of durable materials that can withstand considerable wear and tear, no matter how well you take care of your teeth, even the highest quality dentures are prone to breakage. The good news is, when they become fractured, there’s a good chance that they can be salvaged, making the purchase of a whole new set of dentures, unnecessary. At Dentures at Varsity, we provide first class denture repairs at our Gold Coast clinic, with our emergency reline and repair service ensuring your dentures are fully reconstructed and ready to be used within hours, not days.

Whilst contemporary dentures are indeed marvels of modern technology, all appliances have a lifespan. One of the most common causes of denture malfunction is due to the use of old and worn out dentures that have become brittle, unsafe, and much more susceptible to breakage. As a rule, dentures should be relined every 4 years and replaced entirely after 8 years – sometimes earlier, if you have a habit of grinding your teeth (Bruxism).

Whether your dentures have become worn down over time, as a result of natural degradation or if they’ve become chipped and cracked due to an accident, damaged while cleaning them or merely by crunching on hard foods, such as lollies, our Dental Prosthetists examine the extent of damage, advise you on the best possible repair solution and suggest ways to minimise or prevent such damage from happening again. Our denture repairs are impeccably finished and provide a perfect fit, ensuring complete comfort for the wearer.

Emergency Denture Repairs

Same Day Relines and Repairs

Ready Within Hours

Please note: under no circumstances should you ever attempt to repair your dentures by using ordinary household adhesives, such as superglue. Doing so is extremely dangerous to your health and can cause irreparable damage to the denture, rendering them unusable. Dentures are designed according to the exact specifications of your gums, to help guarantee that they fit and function as intended. Making improvised changes will compromise their usefulness.

Denture Relines

To be effective, all dentures must fit strongly and securely against your gums. When dentures become loose, not only do they lose their functionality, they can also inflict damage upon the bone and delicate tissue of your gums. Beyond the discomfort created by ill-fitting dentures, they can also cause eating difficulties and create speech problems, and the thought of them falling out of your mouth while dining in the company of others, could also lead to heightened levels of anxiety.

There are number of reasons why dentures can become loose over time, such as weight loss, tooth removal/loss, disease or just general aging, but whatever the cause, our team of trained professionals can reline your existing dentures with meticulous precision, ensuring an accurate fit that completely restores their effectiveness. Having your dentures relined is a simple process; we simply collect an impression of your gums and mouth, remove some of the existing material, before affixing the new acrylic compound.

We offer two types of denture relines:

  1. Regular – a firm acrylic base
  2. Soft – the softer reline variant is ideal for elderly patients, post-operative patients, or those with highly sensitive gums, providing greater comfort than the more rigid, standard reline acrylic

Do-It-Yourself Denture Repair Kits

DIY denture repair kits are readily available for those who wish to have a go at repairing their dentures for themselves, at a reduced price, but be warned, such repairs are likely to be insufficient and can create further problems for you. Such products are likely to exasperate your existing denture problems, rather than solve them and the use of defective dentures can lead to oral damage, making you liable for dental expenses. By seeking the services of a qualified dental prosthetist, you’re guaranteed a professional repair, reline or replacement, as the situation may warrant.

Looking After Your Dentures

Knowing how to best take care of your dentures goes a long way to ensuring that they remain in optimal condition. Many dentures become chipped or cracked when they are accidentally dropped into the sink while wearers are cleaning them. Using approved cleaning products and having your dentures serviced by dental professionals helps provide best results.

Having Your Dentures Cleaned

If your dentures have become tarnished over time, due to food, beverages or cigarette inhalation, we can have them professionally cleaned for you and have them returned to their former pristine condition, once more.

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If you’re dentures are cracked or chipped, or have simply worn away due to prolonged use, contact the team at Dentures at Varsity today, for premium quality denture repairs at our Gold Coast clinic.